#DH Makes at ACH 2023

Claudia Berger, Quinn Dombrowski, Jojo Karlin, Alix Keener, Anne Ladyem McDivitt, Amanda Visconti, and Jacque Wernimont, June 29th 2023

The idea In January 2022, the hashtag #DHMakes got some traction on DH Twitter, as a way to celebrate the creativity of the DH community, which is often infused with and shaped by their digital humanities work... read more

Hong Kong University 'New Horizons in DH' Textile Data Visualization

Quinn Dombrowski, June 5th 2023

The idea The New Horizons in Digital Humanities & Cultural Data Science workshop at Hong Kong University, organized by Javier Cha, brought together experts in digital humanities and data science from around the world for a week of lectures and hands-on sessions on topics ranging from text annotation to multilingual text analysis to GIS and conspiracy theory networks... read more

Tie dye day

Quinn Dombrowski, May 3rd 2023

Despite some uncooperative cloudy and rainy weather the Textile Makerspace attempted a tie-dye pop-up in the courtyard of Pigott Hall on May 2nd. We'll try again when it's closer to summer and the vibes are better... read more

PhD Quilt

Quinn Dombrowski, April 23rd 2023

Context I made this data visualization PhD quilt in 2013 when my husband, Andy, graduated with a dual PhD in linguistics and Slavic linguistics. I had been sewing for 3 years at that point (only with wovens)... read more

Yarn donations from Mary Prada Dombrowski

Quinn Dombrowski, April 18th 2023

An incredible donation of many boxes of yarn brought together Textile Makerspace staff and visitors for a yarn party. Mary Prada Dombrowski delighted students with a gorgeous and diverse assortment of yarns... read more

Textile Makerspace renovation complete

Quinn Dombrowski, April 13th 2023

After 9 months of off-and-on work as time, funding, and energy permitted, the Textile Makerspace renovation is finally complete, with the re-hanging of the whiteboard upon the wall! We're grateful to the whole TAPS crew who have helped... read more

Needle felting pop-up at library exhibit on food

Quinn Dombrowski, April 11th 2023

This month's Special, Unique, and Rare exhibit at the Library had the theme of food, so the Textile Makerspace hosted a hands-on activity for needle felting food (or anything else). Staff and grad students alike seemed to find needle felting to be a pleasingly cathartic craft activity... read more

Kicking off DLCL 203: Data Visualization with Textiles

Quinn Dombrowski, April 3rd 2023

Spring quarter kicks off the first-ever class of DLCL 203: Data Visualization with Textiles. In this independent study, students can come by the Textile Makerspace during any of its open hours to learn from staff (or practice on their own) textile-related tools and methods... read more

Visit to the Digital Justice Lab

Quinn Dombrowski, March 17th 2023

As part of a retreat for the Data-Sitters Club, Textile Makerspace director Quinn Dombrowski visited Prof. Jacque Wernimont's Digital Justice Lab at Dartmouth, and was inspired by Molly Morin's KnitLab project there... read more

Makerspace Annex impacted by flood

Quinn Dombrowski, March 8th 2023

A faulty water fountain on the 3rd floor of Pigott Hall led to collapsed ceiling tiles on the 1st floor of the building, including the newly-renamed Textile Makerspace Annex AKA Quinn's office. The 1960's LeClerc Mira loom... read more