Akasha Hayden

Akasha is an undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering with a focus on quantum engineering. They research in the Laboratory for Integrated Nano-Quantum Systems and focus on nanomechanical devices. Outside of the makerspace and research, they enjoy listening to music, making art, and playing video games. Their favorite textile methods are sewing and embroidery.

Elzi Thomas

Elzi is a junior majoring in Design with a passion for all things art and textiles. Garment construction is her main focus, and she's taught hand sewing and machine techniques to students in the costume shop for over a year now. Always happy to help, and can offer the most ofher knowledge on hand and machine sewing or embroidery, as well as serging and coverstitch machines!

Kelsey Chen

Kelsey is a second year PhD student in the Modern Thought & Literature program. She is an historian of the future, and studies how the future is summoned / invoked into being as a ritual process; her work focusses on how peoples of the global south generate new effective realities (future) in the pursuit of collective liberation within the enclosed present. She's especially interested in science-fiction and speculative art. She is a textile artist working with silk fiber, traditional Mayan backstrap weaving techniques, clothing design, sewing, and crocheting. She wants to take up quilting next! Ask her about sustainable and soil-to-soil textile production!

Quinn Dombrowski

Quinn Dombrowski is the founder of the Textile Makerspace, and the Academic Technology Specialist in the DLCL. Quinn has been sewing since 2010, but has also picked up knitting (+/- machines), crochet, spinning, and weaving.