The Textile Makerspace is open weekdays, with afternoon/evening and some morning hours, for anyone to come use our sewing machines, serger, embroidery machine, knitting machines, looms, and other making supplies. Curious but new to textile making? Our staff can show you how!

Upcoming workshops

  • 5/14, 2-3:30 (in 260-108, downstairs from the Makerspace) - Quinn Dombrowski on intro to knitting machines
  • 5/20, 2 PM - Snowden Becker on reading knitting patterns
  • 5/28, 2 PM - Margarita Nafpaktitis on hand embroidery
  • 6/5, 12-4 PM: End-of-year showcase

The Textile Makerspace is part of the Making@Stanford makerspace network.