Needle felting

Are you feeling stabby? Whether your last meeting with your advisor about your dissertation didn't go well, or you've had it with your team for a group project, the Textile Makerspace needle felting kits are here for you!

Needle felting is a craft that literally involves repeatedly stabbing sharp needles into fluffy wool until it gets smushed down into some kind of (ideally pleasing) shape. You don't have to be having a bad day to do needle felting, but it can be very cathartic if you are!


The Makerspace has 2-3 complete kits for needle felting: a foam cushion to put under your project, needles of various sizes (larger number = finer point; start with the less-fine needles to get the basic shape, and refine with the finer needles), single-needle and multi-needle holders, and very importantly, finger protectors. Use the finger protectors. Really. We also have band aids, but don't risk it.

We have wool in lots of different colors in the "fibers" bin along the wall (bottom left). If you're working on a larger project, make the basic shape out of a color we have a lot of, then cover it with the color that you want the final object to be.

Tips and tricks