Janome Threadbanger sewing machine

Salutations, I'm the Janome Threadbanger sewing machine. I used to be good for all kinds of sewing, but I've developed some quirks and now my tension is off for lightweight fabric. So if you've got regular cotton, silk, assorted synthetics, take them to the Babylock Jubilant -- I can't make them happy. But bring on your jeans, upholstery fabrics, and other tough jobs!


I use regular "universal" sewing machine needles, but can also use jeans needles. Since I'm only good for sewing together thicker fabric, use a sturdier thread than the embroidery thread.

Fun facts

I was Quinn's first ever sewing machine (a Christmas present in 2010) and served faithfully for many years before going in the back of the closet, because Quinn doesn't sew many heavy-duty fabrics. I'm enjoying my second chance at the Textile Makerspace.

Also, I have the coolest logo of any machine in the Makerspace.