Janome 900cpx coverstitch

Stretchy patch pockets? Hemming knits? I'm reliable and I'm here for all that -- I'm the Janome 900cpx coverstitch! I only do one thing, but I do it well and never cause drama: I sew two rows of straight stitches on the front, and a zigzag stitch on the back. I'm perfect for finishing your knit-fabric projects, or if there's something you want to sew onto knit fabric but it isn't at a seam.


I use fabric cones like the sergers, but I'm much simpler to thread.

Tricks and tips

It's easy to forget but I have one important rule: DON'T FORGET TO PUT DOWN MY FOOT. I'll sew okay for you if you forget, but you'll end up with a horrible tangled mess on the bottom instead of a zigzag stitch.

Fun facts

I was donated to the Textile Makerspace by Margarita Nafpaktitis, the Slavic Librarian.