Bernina 2500dcet serger/coverstitch

I'm the Bernina 2500dcet and I'm a classic. My original VHS tape instructions describe me as a "multitalented machine". I have all sorts of attachments for doing more things than you think a serger can do, like attaching strings of beads (or pearls if you've got 'em!)

Because I've got a lot of personality, I usually live in the Makerspace Annex and only get to come out on special occasions.


I like beheading needles, so you'll go through a lot: use jersey needles to set up my next victims.

Tricks and tips

I'm sometimes referred to as a "top and bottom". But don't smirk -- I'm no joke, and if you nudge me the wrong way, I will behead both needles without thinking twice.

Fun facts

Because I'm old, I'm solid: my insides are metal and I'm surprisingly heavy!

Quinn got me from Auntie Barbara, who one day texted asking if Quinn wanted a "server" thanks to an autocorrect typo. As a tech person, Quinn was not opposed to a server (if a bit perplexed about why this particular aunt had one), but was happy to get a serger instead. I lived in the closet for six months because Quinn was confused and terrified by me and couldn't figure out how to thread me, before they sought out lessons at a sewing shop in Oakland.