Babylock Jubilant sewing machine

Hi, I'm the Babylock Jubilant sewing machine! I'm the best-behaved, general-purpose sewing machine at the Textile Makerspace.

If you want to sew two non-stretchy things together, or do some pretty decorative stitching without having to deal with everything involved with embroidery, I'm your machine!

I don't love thick fabrics (heavier jeans or thicker); if you want to work with thick material, try the Janome Threadbanger.


I use regular "universal" sewing machine needles, class 15 bobbins, and can work with any kind of thread. If you want to do decorative stitching you might want to use one of the embroidery threads (they're thinner and a little shiny), or if you want to stitch things together, go for something thicker and stronger.