Addi circular knitting machines

Need a scarf? Or a giant tube? Or a flat panel? All you have to do is turn a handle and it's yours. (If you really want, you can even skip turning the handle by using the power drill attachment.)

We're the lowest-drama knitting machines in the Makerspace, here to reliably produce tubes for you with our German engineering. The small circular knitting machine is a great tool to start with at the Makerspace!


We work best with medium-weight yarn. Finer yarn will give you a more airy knit, and thicker yarn will make the knit very tight and not stretchy. We don't work at all with t-shirt yarn-- save it for a crochet project!

Fun facts

We joined the Textile Makerspace thanks to inspiration from Amanda Whitmire, the director of our sister lab, Miller Makers at the Miller Marine Station.